Digital & Display Advertising for Paid Media - Traveler James - James McDonough - Writer, Digital Strategist, Senior Designer, Art Director

Concepts & Writing

Current clients include: Tetra Pak, Burns & McDonnell, and Once Again Nut Butter.

As an Art Director, I am responsible for 30+ active B2B clients representing over $3M in accounts.

I produce concepts for paid media display creatives, pre-roll, landing pages, banners, HTML5 ads, Facebook content, and native advertising.

When guiding my clients, I apply ambition and vision to transform the conversation into wonder.

I maximize time by becoming a resource for my client while deeply engaging them to consider their campaign objectives.

As I begin to tell stories and develop concepts, I draw inspiration from poets and artists as well as the likes of Dale Carnegie, George Bernard Shaw and David Ogilvy.

These images highlight samples from projects in various formats.

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