Digital & Display Advertising for Paid Media - Traveler James - James McDonough - Writer, Digital Strategist, Senior Designer, Art Director

Advertising & Copywriting

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Top clients include: Tetra Pak, Burns & McDonnell, SoucyTrack, Chapman Freeborn, and Once Again Nut Butter.

As an Online Advertising Creative responsible for B2B clients representing over $2M in accounts, I often draw inspiration from the likes of Dale Carnegie, George Bernard Shaw, and David Ogilvy. I'm like a Digital Designer & Copywriter turned line cook. My task is to singlehandedly produce ad creatives and landing pages. On average, I bang out orders 2-3x a week. The challenge of this fast-turnaround environment is amplified due to creative briefs being based solely on quick discoveries with little-to-no assets on follow-up. During my initial chat with the client (C-suite and stakeholders), this requires that I listen in-between the lines and gather enough information in order to complete the picture before the next presentation call.

With a background in account management, my other duties include campaign performance and user engagement optimization.

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