Digital & Display Advertising for Paid Media - Traveler James - James McDonough - Writer, Digital Strategist, Senior Designer, Art Director

Digital & Display Advertising

Current top clients include: Tetra Pak, Burns & McDonnell, and Once Again Nut Butter.

As an Art Director at a digital media ad agency, I maintain a large active client-base representing over $3M in accounts.

I develop and produce concepts for paid media display creatives, pre-roll video, landing pages, banners, HTML5, Facebook/LinkedIn content, and native advertising.

Having a background in creative writing from the University of Oxford and living in the same Exeter dorms once roamed by the author of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkein, I take whimsical pot shots at being a bit of a writer turned linguist where I more resemble a painted semaphore put to comparison with the greats I so admire.

And, yet, I must try.

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